If you are interested in impacting mission and advancing your technical skills along the way then Tetra is interested in you!

We are a bottom-up, technically driven company providing mission focused work that talented engineers seek. We are selective about our choice of contracts and people to promote strategic growth. The culture and benefits enable our engineers to achieve milestones that accelerate career advancement.

Tetra believes in a compensation plan that reflects experience, technical ability and performance. We will provide our best offer first with no negotiation necessary. We hire the top engineers in the industry, and we treat them with respect. Our benefits and transparency reflect this commitment.


Cafeteria Style Plan

Tetra allows employees to select benefits tailored to their individual circumstances. Benefits that do not provide value can be exchanged for additional salary compensation. This includes the ability to add or remove paid time off from the standard package listed below.

Retirement Plan

Tetra contributes 5% of an employee’s gross salary to 401k paid bi-weekly and fully vested. Employees may also choose to contribute up to the IRS maximum. We offer the lowest 401k fees in the industry along with the choice of a Roth and/or Traditional 401k.

Highly Competitive Salary

Tetra believes in a high-end compensation plan based on experience, technical ability and performance. Tetra will provide our best offer first with no negotiation necessary. We hire the top engineers in the industry, and we treat them with respect. Our transparency reflects this commitment.

$1500 Computer Allowance

This is an immediate benefit provided day one at the company. Employees can leverage this for laptops, desktops and tablet devices. The benefit is renewable every 3 years.

Paid Time Off

Tetra strongly believes in a work life balance and provides 25 days of paid time off.

Short & Long Term Disability

Tetra provides a disability plan at no charge to you. This covers up to $6000 in tax free compensation that will carry you through retirement age in the event of a unexpected disability that could prevent you from working

Hourly Compensation

Employees are paid for every billable hour worked.

Life Insurance

This a fully company funded life insurance at no charge that provides up to $115,000 in coverage.

Company Bonuses

Exceptional performance and employee referrals are rewarded through a generous bonus plan. Tetra provides a year-end cash bonus of up to 5% of an employee’s salary and spot awards for key performers!

Innovative Project Opportunities

Even though we are small, Tetra provides a broad diversity of challenging work. Our Government customers and corporate partners view us as the go-to company for delivering innovation and top talent. This reputation has allowed us to expand quickly and offers opportunities you won’t find at other small companies.

Medical and Dental

A good medical plan is one of the most important life benefits. Tetra provides the best plan in the industry with Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield. Employees can also take advantage of a Health Savings Account to deduct all medical expenses on your year end tax return.

Flexible Work Schedule

Hours can be flexed over the entire calendar month.

$5000 Annual Training budget

Tetra’s training assistance reflects a commitment to foster a culture of innovation. Employees receive financial assistance for technical training, education or conferences. This includes payment for an employees time while attending conferences.

Google for Small Business

Tetra leverages Gmail and other Google collaboration tools for email, blogging and technical exchanges.