Tetra Concepts is the premier provider of Accumulo professional training sessions. Our training courses are designed to empower students with the knowledge necessary to develop cloud applications for production environments. The courses are instructed by expert engineers who are also Apache Accumulo source code contributors. Our training was developed by Aaron Cordova who led development through the initial 1.0 release and has worked with government, academic, and commercial organizations to build successful data storage, processing, and analysis platforms that build on Accumulo’s capabilities. Aaron also developed the official government training course for Accumulo and has provided training for many large and small organizations over the past four years.

Accumulo Basic and Advanced Development – 3 days

Students learn the architecture and features of Accumulo and write example applications using the Accumulo API including ingesting data, basic table design, querying for data, indexing, and MapReduce. Students learn advanced development and features of Accumulo, including everything from Intro 1-day training as well as security features, age-off and versioning, advanced table design and indexing, and server-side programmability.

Accumulo Administration – 2 days

Students learn required knowledge for production large scale deployment, configuration parameters, and perform hands on cluster and application troubleshooting. Pricing

Standard pricing

$1000 per student per day with discounts available for groups of 3 or more. Pricing includes:

  • A new Professional training center at 6750 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 400, Columbia MD
  • Pre-configured high-end laptops to maximize the time students spend learning Accumulo
  • Hands on exercises that provide real world scenarios for leveraging Accumulo
  • A DVD of all lesson material, exercises, and software used during the course

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